The Law of Contact

The Law Of Contact 2019 Edition
by Jimbo Berkey - Meet Jimbo —»

Practicing The Law of Contact daily is the answer to the anger, rage, and destructive actions by so many people in our world today. These are the stories about my accidental discovery of this law and my failures and successes in using the law to destroy my anger, and the anger in people around me, replacing it with abundance and joy.

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Before I understood The Law of Contact, I was a powerfully angry man. I lived in a very angry world, where the people around me would crush me and destroy me if they could, . . . But they usually couldn’t! I lived by the Golden Rule of an angry world. “Do unto others before they have a chance to do unto you.” I was strong enough to dominate, control and destroy anyone who would try to destroy me. I WAS A SURVIVIOR . . . Until the day that I was not.

When I began the adventure that I am now living, I was in my mid-50s that had no specific passion, purpose or goal. I lived each day as others expected me to. I worked hard at a job to earn enough money to sustain my life and my relationships with family, friends and acquaintances.

Each morning arrived with no greater goal than to get through the day and reach the next day. When I was introduced to the truths that I now live by, I discovered that I had no passion or dream or greater goal than to make it through another day, and I discovered that I wanted a meaningful goal very much. I accidentally discovered The Law of Contact while chasing my passion for sharing old movies with the world.

I began to meditate quietly every morning, asking to be shown what I might do that was greater than just my survival. I discovered a worthy goal (passion, talent, job, hobby, challenge), that could keep me busy longer than I would probably live. I discovered an enjoyable task that I could not finish in a day, a year, or even a decade. I would not have enough time to ever finish it and ‘retire.’

Yes, for my best life possible, to live fully for every moment that I am alive, I need to have something to do. . . Something very BIG. . . Something that causes me to wake early and excited. . . Something that I may never have quite enough time to finish. . . Something that will keep me excited and busy until my final breath.

As I began chasing my passion for sharing old movies with the world, I was powerfully angered by the fools and idiots that I met every day, and I wondered how I could ‘handle’ them - how to first, not allow them to create feelings of anger and rage in my soul, and second, how to ‘teach them a lesson’ that would put them in their place. There were so many fools surrounding me. How could I NOT be angry at the idiots that forced their way into my life. I can get angry just thinking about some of them.

While meditating on this with mixed success, I discovered the ultimate law of my universe that puts everything that I am learning in perspective, and answers my ultimate question: Why am I here? What is my ultimate purpose for being? A day, a month, a year after I am dead, what will be changed and different in this world because I have lived? The answer to all of my questions and all of my desires was wrapped up in The Law of Contact, and I was about to be introduced to it.

In addition to teaching me how to change not only my life, but the lives of everyone I encounter, I discovered that practicing this law daily creates an ‘abundance generator’ that is rewarding me in amazing ways financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I am enjoying amazing abundance that I never experienced before in my life, and I cannot explain why it is happening. But while I cannot logically connect the things that I am doing to the rewards that I am enjoying, I know that they are connected somehow. For me, the path to amazing financial, physical, spiritual, and emotional abundance began the day I started practicing The Law of Contact in a positive way.

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