The Law of Contact

The Law Of Contact, Edition 2020
Seeing More Clearly,
by Jimbo Berkey - Meet Jimbo —»

Papa was a preacher, and all my life I was taught to Believe. If I can only Believe, and have Faith, all good things will come to me. I spent a lifetime believing, with faith, for a blessed life, but only managed to survive, and many times only barely.

As a 50-year-old man wandering through life with no greater goal than to get through the day to begin another day, I was frustrated with what my life was becoming, or should I say, NOT becoming.

After years of seeking the share of fame and fortune that every young person dreams of, I find myself an old man with very little to show for my time on earth. Is there anything that I can do, beyond believing, and having faith, to achieve my dreams and at the same time make a difference in my world? Yes!

I discovered that there is something that I can DO, while believing and having faith. There is something that I can easily do every day that will increase my wealth, health and spiritual joy. This is a telling of a few of my life-changing experiences while practicing the Law of Contact.

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1 — The Beginning of Wisdom
2 — Learning to Bump
3 — My Horrible Failure
4 — Ho oponopono
5 — Ugly Victor
6 — The Lottery Tickets
7 — Raking Leaves
8 — Reverse Ho oponopono
9 — Cold Coffee
10 — The Evil Within
11 — I am Guilty
12 — The Power of Pain
13 — How to Make Money
14 — Two Ice Cream Shops
15 — Winners and Losers
16 — When Everything Goes Wrong
17 — What am I Worth?
18 — When The End is Near
19 — Talk to the Bear
20 — Nothing But the Truth
21 — Creating Wealth part 1
22 — Creating Wealth part 2
23 — Creating Wealth part 3
24 — Only Two People
25 — Learning to Pray
26 — Stealing Gasoline
27 — Lunch with Beggars
28 — Lunch with Beggars, Again
29 — Planning Random Impulses

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