The Law of Contact

The Law Of Contact

Papa was a preacher, and all my life I was taught to Believe. If I can only Believe, and have Faith, all good things will come to me. I spent the first fifty years of my life believing, with faith, for a blessed and prosperous life, but only managed to survive, and many times only barely.

As a 50-year-old man wandering through life with no greater goal than to get through the day to begin another day, I was frustrated with what my life was becoming, or should I say, NOT becoming. On a vacation to the Tuscan area of Italy I marveled at the magnificent Duomo that was the center of every town. The talented craftsmen who built those cathedrals are long gone, but their work remains and inspires, centuries later.

When I am gone, will I have accomplished anything of real value? Will anything or anyone be different because I have lived? After seeking the share of fame and fortune that every young person dreams of, I found myself an old man with very little to show for my time on earth. Is there anything that I can do, beyond ‘believing, and having faith,’ to achieve my dreams and at the same time make a difference in my world? Yes!

The Law of ContactI discovered that there is something that I can DO, while believing and having faith, that will create the life of abundance and joy that I chased all my life. There is something that I can easily do every day to increase my wealth, health and spiritual joy. I discovered a simple way to change my world, and at the same time create an 'abundance generator' that is enriching my life. I have been using the Law of Contact successfully now for over 5 years, and I have from time to time over those years written down some of the experiences that were turning points in my quickly evolving life. I have decided to put those experiences, and the truths that they revealed, in a little black book that I will share with you.

Do you work for a living and want to rise to the top of your company? I'll tell you exactly what to do the next time you face your boss. I'll tell you exactly what to do to get the people that you work beside to help you rise to the top.

Are you building a business? There is a way to act and talk to your customers, employees and suppliers to guarantee that they do everything they can to make you a success. It is not difficult, and is actually a bit of fun. You just need to understand the Law of Contact.

This little black book is my diary of discovery. A telling of my experiences traveling from the edge of disaster and destruction to a path of success and abundance, increasing my physical wealth and my spiritual joy beyond all expectations. Each experience was and still is very personal to me. I am not at the end of that journey yet, but only at the beginning. I am still learning more every day as I continue my experiments with the Law of Contact. Join me and learn how to do the ‘bump’ that will change your life.

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I was familiar with many of the truths that I now live by at a very young age. Unfortunately, while my intellect agreed with all of the concepts, I had no idea how to turn the concepts into reality. Saying, “I Believe,” when learning these truths was never enough to bring the blessings of greater wealth, health and spiritual peace. For much of my life, I was never able to overcome the negative, angry, and vengeful side of my life. I was missing a vital piece of information that no one told me about.

I finally discovered the key to turning my attitude of 'Believe and have faith' into hard reality. I learned what was keeping me from the good side of life, and learned how to 'bump' life right back and succeed where I had never found success before.

Some of the experiences were painful to go through, because I am a slow learner, and I needed to fail miserably before I could fully understand the Law of Contact and how to leverage it to my benefit. I was hesitant to share some of those bad times, and there were many, but if my failures can help you avoid them, all the better.

As I am continuing to practice the Law of Contact, I am enjoying an ever increasing abundance of wealth, good health, and spiritual joy. If you read the book, and learn to bump, I'd appreciate it if you would hit the 'contact' button at the bottom of the page and share the results from your bumps, whether they were good or bad. I am excited with the way my life is evolving, and I'm anxious to hear about your experiences with the bump.

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Here is a list of the chapters that you will want to read not once, but several times, to be sure that you didn't miss anything:

  1. Discovering The Law of Contact
  2. Learning to Bump
  3. My Horrible Failure
  4. Ho oponopono
  5. Ugly Victor
  6. The Lottery Tickets
  7. Reverse Ho oponopono
  8. Cold Coffee
  9. The Evil Within
  10. I am Guilty
  11. The Power of Pain
  12. Creating Wealth
  13. The Story of Andy
  14. Two Ice Cream Shops
  15. Winners and Losers
  16. When Everything Goes Wrong
  17. What am I Worth?
  18. When The End is Near
  19. Talk to the Bear
  20. Nothing but the Truth
  21. This I Believe

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